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The Lodge

The Lodge, Shawnee Golf Course


  • Client: The Lodge
  • Project Type: Monument and building sign

About this Project

Even though The Lodge is located on the property with Shawnee Golf Course, make no mistake that this is much more than your typical burger and finger food restaurant. It happens to be on the property of the golf course, but serves delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner. After meeting with the owners, I realized the sign design needed to be rustic, but project the upscale interior design and expansive menu.

After creating three conceptual drawings, the owners chose the fully sculpted Foamcraft monument and building sign with custom dimensional metal embellishments. Foamcraft signs have a lightweight, EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam core and are sprayed with an exclusive Poly-Armor™ hard coat that makes the signage impervious to rot, termites and moisture.

The versatility of the EPS foam allows the sign to have both intricate design elements and faux stone all in one structure. Our design incorporated the use of custom cast aluminum letters and “trellis” design, which are treated with an anodized bronze finish to give a more rustic, warm appearance. They are stud mounted to the foam structure with a spacer to produce a floating affect. The combination of mixed materials and finishes produce a finished sign that is both eye-catching and durable.


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