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Basic Sign Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

Economic Value of a Sign

Signs act as “silent salespersons”—branding businesses, providing information about products and services, and pointing customers to exact locations. In short, an on-premise sign’s economic impact on businesses—directly and indirectly—is significant. Researchers tackled the topic by exploring how changes in on-premise signage affect business performance. Get the study here. 

*source signs.org

What is a Blade Sign?
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Brown and Company CPA

A blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade or storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the sign’s surface and to the normal flow of traffic.

What is a Sign Band
Illuminated Letters Amherst Therapy

Amherst Therapy

Sign band is often used in buildings in which there are multiple tenants, such as a shopping center. The sign band runs above the tenants’ entrances and accommodates various signage for each tenant.

*source  signs.org

What is a Monument Sign?
Exterior Illuminated Whiteman and Manente Orthodontics Niagara County Erie County Sign Company NYS WBE Appleton Barker Burt Gasport Lewiston Lockport Middleport Newfane Niagara Falls North Tonawanda Olcott Ransomville Sanborn Wilson

Whiteman and Manente Orthodontics

Monument signs are often lower in height than many signs and may be required by local ordinances or, in the case of business developments, by the landlord.

*source  signs.org

5 Factors of Sign Visibility

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Mr. Ventry’s Pizza

Many factors impact the effectiveness of an individual sign. 5 of the most important:

size sign angle, location, luminance, contrast. Cooper Sign Co. can help you determine the best solution for your business or organization. 

*source signs.org

What is a Cabinet Sign
Gateway aluminum acrylic Illuminated Sign vinyl graphic Monument Sign Exterior Signs Non Illuminated Signs Monument Signs Sanborn, New York Niagara County, NY businesses Manufacturing

GAteway Center

Cabinet Sign: A sign structure comprised of a frame and face or faces. Though a cabinet sign may include electrical components or support structure, the cabinet sign refers only to the frame and face.

*source  signs.org

What is a Channel Letter Sign?
Tim Hortons aluminum channel letters Interior Signs Illuminated Channel Letters Front Lit Channel Letters Sanborn, New York Niagara County, NY Educational college

Tim Hortons

Channel Letter: A three-dimensional letter that may include a light source.

*source  signs.org

Top Attributes of Retail Signs

Enjoyable to View
Appropriately Scaled

*source signresearch.org

What Makes a Sign Effective?
LED Message Center Temple Beth Am

Temple Beth Am

Successful signage involves more than just creating an attractive arrangement of logos and slogans. It is a blending of complex elements such as materials, lighting elements, placement, typography and size of the sign elements. In addition, it’s an understanding of location, marketplace and demographics. Complicating this task is the fact that your potential customer is usually moving and the sign must be seen, read and understood in an instant.

*source signs.org

Regulatory and Code Compliant Signs
ADA and Wayfinding Stairway Sign

Stairway Sign For Code Compliance

Regulatory signs reinforce a rule, ordinance or law. A stop sign, for instance, is a type of regulatory sign. While most businesses don’t install stop signs, they do have a need for signs that help keep customers safe by, say, clearly marking an exit. Signs also may be needed to keep a business compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

*source ssigns.org

Americans With Disabilities Act - ADA Signs
ADA Wayfinding Buffalo Bills New Era Stadium

Buffalo Bills New Era Stadium

Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires clearly marked handicapped entrances and Braille on certain types of signage. The ADA also has requirements for how large the signs must be. It’s best to work with a professional to ensure that signage meets this requirement.

*source signs.org

What is a Facia Sign?

Ellicott Animal Hospital

Fascia Sign: A sign installed on a building’s fascia, the vertical surface that runs from the grade to the roofline and horizontally the width of the building.

*source signs.org

What is a Post and Panel Sign?

Niagara County Outdoor Signs Business Post and Panel Signs Erie County Sign Company NYS WBE Appleton Barker Burt Gasport Lewiston Lockport Middleport Newfane Niagara Falls North Tonawanda Olcott Ransomville Sanborn Wilson Business Signs Hotel and Hospitality

Niagara Crossing

Post and Panel Sign: A sign which uses one or more visible posts and is unlighted.

*source signs.org

Best Practice For Sign Placement

If a sign is mounted on the front of the building parallel to the roadway, research shows it needs to be at least 70% larger than the sign mounted perpendicular to the roadway, or it cannot be read in time. 

For example, if the speed of traffic in front of the site is 30 mph, and the street has two lanes in each direction so that a lane change is needed, your customers will need to be able to see and read your sign from 410 feet away.

*source signs.org

Sign Illumination

An effectively lit sign allows it to be visible and readable day and night, in all kinds of weather. When a sign is illuminated, drivers can read it more quickly. Another benefit of an illuminated sign is that 24-hours a day it is advertising your business. Even when your business is closed – your business is being seen by potential customers.

Your sign’s illumination can also impact the colors you chose.  When you select the color scheme for your business, you should consider your sign’s illumination options at the same time. Some businesses want their sign’s colors to match their print and other media advertising exactly. Some forms of illumination are much better than others at accurately displaying color. If accurate portrayal of your business’s colors is important, you should choose an illumination source with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating.

*source signs.org

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