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Pellicano’s Marketplace


  • Client: Paul and Chris Pellicano
  • Project Type: Interior digital print and exterior signage

Close To Home

A note from our CEO, Jennifer Masters Cooper:
During my first meeting with Chris, I listened as he shared the upcoming expansion project and I walked away knowing that this was a family business similar to my own. The struggles of an immigrating family from Italy following the American dream and the hard work and sacrifices that come along with that. The message resonated with me that this is an Italian marketplace offering specialties, but more importantly, they had an awesome butcher shop with a focus on quality. We worked through the design of the exterior signs in the colors of the Italian flag and incorporated a different featured design that would set them apart from the other signage you find driving down Niagara Falls Boulevard. It wasn’t until we met about the interior signage project that I truly got to know the family aspect of the business and the story we needed to tell to their customers. A story that depicts the American Dream as well as a business that has family values and appreciates each and every customer. By the end of phase one, I had heard amazing stories that needed to be told and are reflected in our design. I am anxious to begin phase 2 that includes more family history and continuing to tell their beautiful story.

About this Project

Project Details: Cooper Sign has had the privilege to work with Chris and Paul prior to the construction of the new building and share their vision as the dream of a new facility became a reality.

Designing exterior signs on both the building and at the road needed to reflect the Italian marketplace. The design was settled and illuminated signs were installed with push-through acrylic, creating a soft glow around the name at night and a matching design for the sign on Niagara Falls Blvd. The road sign was designed for future growth in mind and is capable of adding tenant spaces.

Once they were opened and settled, we began discussing the interior of the store and reflecting the family history to customers. Many hours were spent with Paul and Chris, sorting through old family images and choosing the right ones that would depict the business history as well as the family history.

Each photo was enhanced by our design team and we presented a concept that used a combination of historical and recent imagery. Many of the images we used prompt questions from customers which Paul is happy to tell the story behind the photo. The photos were digitally printed, laminated, and mixed with graphics- then applied directly to the walls in every department. We captured the essence of the family, their commitment to their craft and to their customers.


Chris Pellicano

“Jennifer took as much pride in our project as us and at some moments it seemed she cared more. That’s how passionate she was about our project. She never stopped, she always asked questions so that we would be thinking about all the angles and our future. Making sure we thought of the ability to grow with the project she was designing. We are continuing to work with her on the next phase of our project which will tell the history of the Pellicano family through a photo college near our checkout counter. Without Jennifer’s knowledge and patience, we could not have had the eye-catching yet subtle interior design and marketing pieces in place at our new location.” Chris Pellicano

A Beautiful Story

As we head to 100 years in business in 2022, we will be telling our story along with the stories of other businesses that have made our journey remarkable. Here’s a little history about Pellicanos Marketplace

The year is 1953 and Dominic and Mariangela barely had enough money to get their family across the pond to start a new life in America. Fortunately, they managed to do so, unfortunately, this was only the first obstacle in the family’s journey to build a new life. Dominic and his wife shared a small house with their 9 children. This was the environment that made Paul Pellicano who he is today.

After graduating, Dominic’s son Paul entered the grocery business. He found employment at local supermarkets and worked his way up to district manager. This period of Paul’s life is where he honed his skills as a butcher. It soon became clear that it was time to move onto bigger and better things, so Paul took the leap and bought a franchise. He eventually came to own three stores, but the franchise business wasn’t what he was passionate about. It would not allow him to create the personal, traditional grocery environment he always envisioned. After leaving the franchise business, the family fell on hard times. Yet, it wouldn’t take long for Paul to get back on his feet and back to doing what he does best, being an entrepreneur.

Paul’s son Mario was thriving in the manufacturing business. Mario ran with the family sauce recipe and brought it to the masses. Paul loved the grocery business and with help from a friend, Paul opened his own store adjacent to his son’s manufacturing plant. The community fell in love with the store and with Paul’s generous and engaging personality. As he grew his business, his son Chris was following his own path. Chris and his new wife were looking to relocate so she could find work as a teacher. During that time, Paul’s business grew exponentially, and he needed help so he asked Chris to come work with him. Luckily, Chris and his wife decided to stay.

Chris brought more modernization to the old-style business. He focused on traditional values of business like knowing customers by name, anticipating needs, and exceptional service, yet, infused modern technology, tools, and products. Chris also realized that social media could be one of their biggest assets for advertising. He’s implemented an organic digital marketing strategy using social media that has gained thousands of followers and raving fans.

After the addition of Chris, the business literally exploded, growing year after year. With growth like this, upscaling is the natural next step. It was hard for Chris and Paul to find a property, but they eventually did and began designing their new store. In April of 2019, shovels hit the ground and the new build was finally in the works. Today, the new location is thriving and the customers are loving the additional space and new look.


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