Sign Spotlight August 2015: Chart Industries

Our sign spotlight for August is a non-illuminated exterior sign that we recently created for Chart Industries in Amherst, NY.  The company wanted something that not only looked classy, but accurately portrayed their brand.


This unique sign is has 2 main components: a real masonry base, and a sculpted & painted Foamcraft topper.   Utilizing foam-crafted options in our exterior signs allows for a beautiful, dimensional, finished look, and also provides the customer with time-tested durability.  Any color can be matched, and there are even options for matching stone finishes.

The real masonry base was designed to mimic the brick on the building, providing a cohesiveness between the sign & the exterior facade.

Check out some of the phases in creation & installation of this sign in the gallery below.  You can also view some more examples of Foamcraft monument signs here.  If a Foamcraft sign is something that your business might be interested in, please give us a call today!


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